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Writing and editing are my passion. A thousand-plus published news and feature stories underpin my skills.
A Penguin editor who worked on my second book
told me my writing required negligible editing.
It’s a benchmark I aim to reach in all my work,
while exchanging “no” for “negligible”

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Thwack, Thwack, Thwack

Occasionally, even cricket’s lower grades throw up something remarkable. It can be a skillset maintained over a five-hour ‘day’, worthy of a stadium and onlookers numbered in the tens of thousands . . . or it may be backdrop at Angliss Reserve, Yarraville, for a dozen strollers and their off-leash dogs. On the season’s first day of action – the opening round having been routinely called off – there wasn’t much to write home about for this umpiring ex-journo in the Victorian Turf Cricket Associa

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