About John 

Over 40-plus years, I’ve worked in all the mainstream media: newspapers, magazines, television and radio, the last two over six years with the ABC. In each medium, I’ve applied, in turn, the separate skills of writing/reporting and editing -- all eight disciplines.


My stories have appeared in Melbourne and national newspapers/magazines, and I’ve published two books, the more recent, Over And Out, by Penguin.


My recent creative efforts include a futuristic script, shortlisted by ‘Gotham’, an international, New York-based screenwriting competition.  


My love of language and enjoyment of teaching has led to my forming, with support of managements, informal groups with colleagues at MMP and its predecessor, Fairfax Community Newspapers, to help improve writing and editing skills. And with the national Home Tutor Scheme, I’ve helped migrants, in turn from Cambodia, Taiwan, Poland and Lebanon, learn their new English language through home visits. 

Thwack, Thwack, Thwack

Occasionally, even cricket’s lower grades throw up something remarkable. It can be a skillset maintained over a five-hour ‘day’, worthy of a stadium and onlookers numbered in the tens of thousands . . . or it may be backdrop at Angliss Reserve, Yarraville, for a dozen strollers and their off-leash dogs. On the season’s first day of action – the opening round having been routinely called off – there wasn’t much to write home about for this umpiring ex-journo in the Victorian Turf Cricket Associa

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